Animal Type:Ibis
Wrapping Type:
Museum:Spurlock Museum, Illinois
Accession Number:1989.07.0001A
Description:The shape of this mummy is long and thin and the wrappings are mostly intact, though extremely fragile and brittle. The Egyptians mummified both humans and animals. In the earlier dynastic periods, the only animals mummified were those associated with a specific deity. These mummies would have been placed in coffins near the temples dedicated to the specific god. By the Late Period, other more ordinary animals were also mummified, apparently as the votive offerings of Egyptians visiting holy places. The elongated mummies are ibises, Nile River birds, which were considered sacred to the God of Wisdom, Thoth. Additional info for Abydos: REGION= Northern Upper Egypt, Governorate of Sohag. -R. de la Noval, 25 Feb 1998
Other:Egypt Exploration Society
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