Animal Type:Cat
Wrapping Type:shroud
Museum:National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden
Accession Number:AMM 14b
Description:Cat mummy with cylindrical body and naturalistic head. The animal's body has been wrapped in a single sheet of medium-fine linen (warp-faced tabby, about 13 x 32 threads/cm2), which has been folded in around the caudal end and shows a rough rolled and whipped seam along the ventral side. It has now been wrapped in an extra layer of fine gauze applied during a recent restoration. The original sheet ends with a torn edge around the neck. The head has been modelled to shape, using a stiff roll of linen for the nose and several loose wads for the muzzle, jaws, and sides of the face. Two triangular protrusions suggest the ears. All these elements are held together and fixed to the neckline by rough stitches and concentric windings of yarn.
Bibliography:M.J. Raven/W.K. Taconis, Egyptian mummies (Turnhout 2005), pg. 251
Leemans, 1840, No. 6
Boeser, 1907, E.XLV.32
Holwerda, Dierenmummies (2008), 48
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